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Undervalued Stocks




My Story

My name is Pierre Rabinowitz and my story is quite simple (you can go to my FB or LinkedIn accounts for a more detailed profile). I have a Bachelor degree in Finance, an MBA in Accounting and a Juris Doctor.

I have practiced for many years as a financial controller and an attorney, however all of these promotions and positions of great responsibility did not satisfy me enough in terms of a rewarding lifestyle or a true sense of accomplishment. I knew that by taking complete control of my financial future, and by helping others to reach their financial desires, I would achieve a much greater level of self-fulfillment.

Therefore, years ago I took a strong interest in financial markets and especially in stocks, however when I began trading, I did not know anything about the markets or about any kind of trading strategies. I began trading stocks like the majority of the world population, however I had winners but also losers. I looked at many factors and used many ratios, but could never come up with a personal system I could apply over and over on a consistent basis. In other words, my analysis was all over the place and inconsistent which is bad if you want to stay in the game in the long term.

I then decided to sharpen my stock analysis to build a consistent method that I would apply systematically for each potential disruptive and undervalued stock. I spent hundreds of hours reading about stocks, the pros and cons of each strategy, opinions of experts and so forth. I also spent money on newsletters from so called “gurus” who claim many years of experience and large profits, however these gurus turned out to be a disaster. After all this time, effort and money wasted on these gurus, I realized that I was the only master of my own destiny and that no one out there had the knowledge and honesty to teach me about trading. As a result of my extended studying, testing and analysis, I decided that the only way to generate consistent profits I could live with was to religiously stick to a strategy that I could be comfortable with and allowed me to generate a very attractive profit percentage on a yearly basis and keep loses in control. The strategy I adopted is based on the smart money, smart indicators and in depth technical and fundamental analysis. It turned out to be a winning strategy that not only brings me peace of mind, but also substantial gains and low risk.

I now look forward to each day with great anticipation and excitement. There is no greater reward than to be self employed, help others, family and friends, and to achieve a greater lifestyle. I also believe in a balanced lifestyle. When the markets are closed and my market analysis is complete for the day, I jog and spend time with my grandchildren.

I am offering you today, the opportunity to join me and to trade with a strong defense. Once you have a solid defense, the offense plays by itself and you will have a profitable trading record.

I look forward to hearing from you.