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Undervalued Stocks



We are medium-term (several months holding period) investors using undervalued stocks as our investment instruments for safe and above S&P returns in the stock market. We are also defined as value investors, which means that we invest in companies that we believe trade at a substantial discount to what we consider to be their true business value. Our ultimate goal is preservation of capital and steady income from trading. We have traded in bull and bear markets, tested steadily many trading strategies and learn how to profit in all types of markets to come to the conclusion that the most consistently profitable strategy in the long term is the selling and buying of undervalued stocks. We attain our goal by searching for companies that appear to be temporarily undervalued by the stock market, but have favorable outlooks for long-term growth. We focus on the underlying financial conditions and prospects of individual companies, including future earnings, cash flow and dividends. Various other factors, including financial strength, economic conditions,competitive advantage, quality of the business and the reputation, experience and competence of a company’s management are weighed against valuation in selecting individual securities. We have developed a system of market filters which are comprised of a blend of technical and fundamental indicators, which have been proven to be highly effective when used together. These fundamental and technical indicators only take into account market data while eliminating any human emotions in the decision process. We are patient investors, not market timers. We believe that, over time, the price of a stock will rise to reflect the value of the underlying company. Every stock purchase is viewed as if we were buying a piece of a business, not just a stock certificate. The core effort in our research process is to determine a realistic intrinsic value for a company's stock and then, if attractive from a fundamental and technical analysis point of view, to purchase the stock at a substantial discount to this intrinsic value. We believe that this approach to investing allows for significant investment returns while reducing risk. We only deal with conservative trading strategies to protect your capital, meaning we want to put the odds on your side by controlling risk, thus limiting your losses and generating substantial profits. We are proud to claim that we are one of the few, if not the only one in this line of business, that only focus on conservative strategies when it comes to stock trading. Most of the other services create a lot of hype by over inflating the profits they promise that you will make. After all, a good trader is someone who knows how to manage risk as opposed to novice traders who only look for profits without considering the risk of loss.

We scan daily hundreds of potential trades based on our proprietary trade selection model that has been developed by doing thousands of trades, and only suggest the ones we feel have the best risk/reward ratio to work in your favor. Our goal is to beat the S&P 500 and to invest conservatively in order to control and limit your risk.

When you trade, you must follow adamantly your trading plan if you want consistent gains. Your trading plan is your business therefore it is essential that you do every day the same thing. You must follow your plan like a machine without any emotions whatsoever. If you let your emotions get in the way of your trading plan, you will inevitably encounter problems and losses. If you trade with discipline you will succeed. If you don't trade with discipline you will fail. We will do all the work for you according to our trading plan that we have developed over several years. We have the trading plan so you do not need to reinvent the wheel. If there are any secrets that you should know on how to become a profitable trader, they are:





Our subscription fee is one of the lowest for stock trading, if not the lowest, on the market. For a monthly recurring fee as low as $29, we will send you by email the actionable trade ideas we think are the best. At this low price you can pay off your subscription for a full year with only 1 or 2 successful trades.

Our motto is that the best defense will make you successful overtime and conservative stock strategies help to achieve your profit objectives.

We Are Not

We do not offer you several payment plans based on different levels of quality for our services, nor do we claim to be financial gurus or make you rich within six months. We do not sell hype, crypto currencies, marijuana stocks, false or manipulated returns. We are not a service that provides fast and high returns for little investments as many expect from trading and such strategy produces more losing trades than winners. In short, we do not give trading opinions for short turn-around times and quick profits which is a losing strategy. Our trading system involves holding positions usually for several months at a time. We provide the same level of quality for all Plans A, B and C and we always strive to provide you with the trade ideas we think are the best.


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